• Medha, founded in 2011, brings a career services approach to under-resourced educational institutions. By partnering with the public-sector education systems to deliver its programmes on-campus, dramatically increasing outreach and reducing costs, Medha adequately prepares and supports students as they transition from school to work.

    Medha's programs include skills for the future that builds transferable 21st-Century skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, & communications) that can be applied to various sectors, jobs, & self-employment opportunities. WIth a vision of “an India with equal career opportunities for youth; irrespective of gender, class, and caste,” Medha's aim over the next 10 years is to become a significant force in the fight for income equality.

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Freelancing Kya hai?

किसी  एक company या नौकरी से ना बंध के , अलग-अलग independent projects पे घर बैठे , अपनी इच्छा औSर समय अनुसार काम करने को Freelancing कहते हैं | 

Swarambh Kya hai?

स्वारम्भ  का focus है छात्रों  को  व freelance के माध्यमों और अवसरों से जोड़ना !

वह रोज़गार की एक नयी, आधुनिक दुनिया में प्रवेश कर एक mentor के सहयोग से सीखेंगे और आगे  बढ़ेंगे  ! स्वारम्भ के ज़रिए वह ऐसे freelancers बनेंगे जो अपने लिए बेहतर अवसरों और माध्यमों को परख कर अपनी आगे की राह तय कर पाएँ गे।

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